Literacy is an important life skill for many reasons. Reading improves self- confidence, increases vocabulary for both internal thought and communication, allows for greater participation in society and the workplace, expands interests, and supports understanding in how to navigate in an environment. These are all very essential skills that open a whole world of possibilities and give greater independence to our tamariki.

Wilson School’s literacy programme aims to nurture enthusiasm, exploration, and engagement with print of all sorts. We are working with a Literacy programme that includes Shared Reading/Reading, Writing, Working with Letters/Words and Self-Selected Reading. We strive to optimise each student’s Literacy diet so they can realise their full potential. With expert guidance from Speech Language Therapist Sally Clendon, teachers are supported and encouraged to reflect on current practise and expand their Literacy kite in areas of Communication, Reading and Writing. This is to ensure we have the most effective, current teaching practise in place to meet the diverse needs of each and every student.

William Shakespeare once said, “My soul is the sky.” We at Wilson School embrace this and believe the sky’s the limit for our students.