Sports and Exercise

Movement is an important part of our Physical Education programme not only for its physical and motor skills benefits but also important for the mental and emotional health and wellbeing of our students.

Students participate regularly in movement and fitness programmes whether, individually tailored physiotherapy programmes, hydrotheray, PMP (Perceptual Motor Programme), obstacle course circuits, or fitness routines to challenge, maintain and extend each student’s physical capabilities.  Some of our older students may also engage in some of these activities out in the community, visiting the local gym, swimming pool, park, or beach. 

Students also have opportunities to learn and practice sporting skills such as adpated soccer or basketball throughout the year.  Each year students participate in different interschool special Olympics sporting events outside of school and also in our own Wilson Olympics held at the base school.  These are great opportunities for our students to experience competition and to represent their class and school. For older students a visit to the MERC outdoor education centre at Long Bay provides them with more specialist experiences and activities, like abseiling, that are beyond what can be offered within school.