Our Policies

Wilson School Board Policy Overview

Outcome statement
The board is responsible for the governance of the school and maintains effective governance practices. Our governance framework complies with legislative requirements and supports the operation of the school. Board members understand their roles and responsibilities, comply with code of conduct requirements, and work within the guidelines of our governance documents.

The board is a crown entity and is responsible for the governance of this school. The board meets the primary objectives of the Education and Training Act 2020. The board delegates the day-to-day implementation of many of its responsibilities and the supporting operational policies and procedures to the principal but does not delegate the board’s accountability.

Board Governance Framework

Wilson School Board operates within the New Zealand School Trustees Association (NZSTA) Board Governance Framework. The governance framework provides opportunity and guidance for the Board to achieve an effective approach, to be proactive in governance decision-making, responsive in times of change, promote effective relationships, enable policy, and review school performance via effective governance.

The Governance Framework includes the following documents:

o Board member register (noting any conflicts of interest)
o Delegations list
o Board roles and responsibilities
o Code of conduct for board members
o Board remuneration and expenses
o Conflicts of interest
o Presiding member role description
o Staff representative role description
o Relationship between Presiding Member & Principal
o Board decisions by email
o Board Policy Overview

School Board Policies

Wilson School uses SchoolDocs, an online policy service that provides a comprehensive core set of school policies, this includes a review framework followed on a termly basis. Our School Policies can be found here – https://wilson.schooldocs.co.nz

The username for Wilson School is – wilson. The password is provided for all parents and staff. 

Due to the special nature of Wilson School, if required, the Board will provide supplementary policies to promote effective governance. Supplementary policies will be uploaded and linked to the overarching policy in SchoolDocs and will follow the same review timeline. A list of supplementary policies can be found below:

Supplementary Policy Review Date
Employer Responsibility – Performance Management (Professional Growth Cycle & Appraisal) Term 1, 2025
Employer Responsibility – Employment (Medical Incapacity) Term 2, 2027
Health, Safety & Wellbeing – Dress Code Term 3, 2025
Health, Safety & Welfare – Behaviour Management (Physical Restraint) Term 1, 2025
Asset Management & Protection – Staff Property Term 4, 2024