Wilson School Therapy Team offers a comprehensive service to students with physical, learning, communication, sensory and behavioural difficulties

The team is comprised of PhysiotherapistsOccupational TherapistsSpeech Language TherapistsMusic Therapist and a Psychologist who is contracted on a needs basis.

Therapists work with both the satellite and base school students

Therapists carry out individual assessments and design programmes enabling students  to access their potential.

Provide integration of therapy programmes into the class setting

Are an integral part of the goal setting through the IEP process

Assess the need for and apply for specialised equipment to assist students to access the curriculum and learning opportunities

Therapists offer a referral sevice which can be accessed by family members and teachers (

Assistive Technology/ICT Wilson School has a commitment to supporting communication and learning opportunities. This enables students to express needs, wants and knowledge with increased efficiency and independence. There is a team approach which supports student learning and where necessary, identifies students who require assistive devices and ICT options to support their learning. These technologies are then used to access the curriculum.

Music Therapy Music Therapy is about building bridges of communication through music, actively engaging individuals in potential growth, development and change through the power of musical participation and interaction. The therapy is client – centered and goal – oriented with the key being the relationship and communication that develops between client and therapist. The music therapy process begins with acknowledging the student’s strengths and motivations and works with these to address identified needs. Music Therapy at Wilson School is provided by registered Music Therapists from the Raukatauri Music Therapy Centre. They regularly liase with teaching staff and other therapists to discuss appropriate goals and ongoing progress. Reports are written every twelve months and copies are sent to parents.